Technology Expertise

eLEDing Smart Lighting Technology is the world's first pure digital solar powered hybrid LED lighting solution that can achieve the dynamic balance between power management and lighting performance optimization.

With eLEDing technology, our lighting engines are completely software-driven, and can be upgraded or customized for wide arrange applications. Currently released world's first Al-Smart version solar lighting system on the market, It has flexibility with auto compensation of critical weather and different geographic locations without frequently manual adjustments or APP setup, and it always automatically manage critical status of power source.

  • Strive to apply our custom single MCU-IC to complete multiple process simultaneously will be performing.

    Such as smart sensing, Lithium based battery charge and discharge power management, and LED illumination driving at the same time.

  • Apply most effect of LED illuminator, 160+ Lumen per Watt.

    Maximizes power efficiency for both illumination and power source. Keep environmentally friendly in practical applications.

Technology Expertise

  • The most intelligent lighting system

    Combine with latest innovated LED, and/or SMART sensing and/or wireless/networking technologies to build with durability, flexibility, and affordability for highest power efficiency, indoor and outdoor practical lighting systems.

  • eSenLite provides GREEN-energy-saving, multiple functions and user friendly.


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